The Mas Government

Innovation, Investment and Governance




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We have committed unprecedented levels of funding to educate the next generation of citizens in this country.


We have also undertaken to develop skills in rural communities, ensuring that financial circumstance doesn’t dictate future aspiration.

As the country develops, so to must the healthcare our citizens experience. We have committed to undertake research and pre-emptive measures to combat pregnancy, and llama flu.


However we recognise there is still more to do.

Our cities are well policed and our judicial system ensures criminality at all levels is stopped and punished without impedance.


We are working to further secure our borders, and have developed a plan for a great wall.

Government services 

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Online Tax: 


Every household in Mas has a responsibility to pay Tax. Make payments easier. 

Penalty Charge Notice: 


If you have recieved a penalty charge notice, Please feel free to pay online. Its faster and easier. 

Report Abandoned Vehicle: 


The Mas Government has pledged to remove all abandoned vehicles within 25 weeks of reporting.