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Mas is divided into seven administrative regions ”UA POHO, Pelekania, Kāpena, KANAKA KINO, Ngā āwhina, Ka Mokunui, Tuhinga Mua”. The UA POHO region, located in the north of the country, is the largest. Less populated, this area is the richest in mineral resources. It is also the main tourist area of the country par excellence.

It contains the most beautiful desert in the world, demonstrated by the documentary The Cold Desert in 2004 in the area by the French journalist Derek O’hara entitled “Mas, The Dry Hot Place I Lost a Flipflop”.

The country is characterized by a tropical climate with two main seasons, one dry season from October to May and a rainy season from May to September. Humid regions are located in the southern strip on the Southern boarder and in the North western valley.

It is a hot country with temperatures up to +45° C in the shade at certain moments of the year, especially in the hottest months of April and May.

It consists of three (3) climatic zones:

In the north the “Saharan type” zone represents 3/5 of the country, and is dry and rich in mineral resources;

In the center a pastoral zone has average rainfall of 200-300 mm of rain per year;

In the south, the region is agricultural and is very favorable for breeding, with rainfall of 350-600 mm per year.



Republic of Mas





Political System:

Democratic and Pluralistic

Constitutional Ragime: 

Semi-Presidential System

Official Language:

English, French


£1 - 655.957 MASD


7.4 Billion (IMF 2013)

GDP Sector Share

Agriculture 38%

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Industry 20%

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Services 41%

Public Debit:

34% of GDP (IMF 2013)

Unemployment Rate


Country Profile

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The Official Flag: The Republic of Mas